Seravezza Fotografia 2012

The solo exhibition of the photographer Romano Cagnoni in Palazzo Mediceo – Seravezza (Italy), will show a series of giant photographs that show mutated aspects of Versilia, where he was born and returned to live, after many years in its London base, from which he was departing to document international conflicts for the biggest magazines in the world. The  Cagnoni’s photographs of  Versilian landscapes have the thickness of contemporary art, resembling expressionist paintings, by being captured with a large format camera; do you remember old times photographers who used to cover their heads with a sheet of black cloth? Not even photoshop was used. Versilian landscapes want to be a critical comment, as a smile of reproach to a beloved person.

Versilia is also his work base, from where he left to shoot the Chechen Warriors in 1995. Portraits of warriors during the confict against the powerful Red Army, realized in a portable photographic studio, with flash units and backgrounds, as they where posing in an Hollywood set. So it is that, looking at the photographs, many people doesn’t realize if they were actors or real warriors. This was the first time a photographer sat up a studio during the fightings.

A section of the exhibition will be about North Vietnam. During that war, Romano Cagnoni was the first non-communist photographer to be invited in the communist North Vietnam. Reviewing those pictures taken in 1965, Cagnoni was touched by the great humanity, grace and gentleness of a people suffering from american bombing.

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